Sales Funnel Group Coaching






Creating a sales funnel sounds hard.

It also sounds like something completely made up. "Let me add a business word to a kitchen tool, then tell everyone online they need one."

It's true that the phrase "sales funnel" is completely ridiculous.

But do you know what's not ridiculous?

  • Figuring out how to get the most out of your traffic
  • Creating a digital productand a path that drives the right people to your purchase page
  • Making money online, faster than the "experts" say it should take
  • Taking a systematic approach to your content

You're four steps away from having a fully functional sales funnel.

Take action. The time will pass anyway. Where will you be in a month?

Let's build a sales funnel. Together.



What kind of funnel will you create? What is your objective? Each funnel is a little different, so we'll work on the outline. As they said in one of Kathleen's college writing classes, once you have your outline written, the rest pretty much writes itself.



We'll go through the psychology of trust, and we'll create a series of emails designed to get your subscribers to open their hearts, minds, emails in their inboxes, and ultimately, wallets.



We'll focus on creating the various pages on your site that need to be created in order to round out your funnel. These pages will be designed to convert visitors into customers (and they'll also look amazing).



We'll put the finishing touches on our funnels during week four and discuss how to create a Facebook ad that will bring people into our funnels in the first place!

In four one-hour group sessions, you'll:

  • Map out every piece of the funnel that's right for your business's needs
  • Create the necessary web pages that fit together to create a high converting funnel
  • Figure out exactly what to put in the emails you'll send
  • Set up a sales page (with payment options!)
  • Get great feedback from your peers
  • Come away with a system that turns visitors into paying customers
  • Get it done!
Happy woman lying on green grass using laptop computer in the park

Only 10 spots available!


  • What tools do I need? A computer, a fast internet connection, an email provider (we love ConvertKit, but other providers work too), an audience, a free opt-in, and an idea for something you want to create for your audience (not for free).
  • What do I need to buy to make this work? If you have the things listed above, you don't need to buy anything. That's the beauty of this program. It'll take you from near-blank slate to finished sales funnel in four meetings.
  • What if I don't have an opt in for my list? That's okay, it just means you'll have a little homework to do before our first meeting.
  • What if I don't want to create anything to sell to my list? You can join the mastermind if your goal is simply to get more email subscribers, but that's really only half of the sales funnel. My best suggestion is to brainstorm things you can teach your audience that they'll pay for, and if you can't come up with anything, hold off until the next group!
  • How much of a time commitment is this? We'll meet once a week for four weeks, and we'll record the live conversations in case we can't work with everyone's schedule. The meetings will each be an hour, but for every hour of meetings, plan on at least two hours of homework.
  • What if something happens between when I sign up and when class starts and I'm no longer available? Then, we'll be sad that you won't join us, but we'll refund your money.