Sales Funnel Group Coaching

Watch the video above to discover how you can build a complete, functional sales funnel in just four weeks

Stacking Benjamins Funnels is a small-group coaching program with a big promise: every person who commits to being part of the group (and does the work!) will end up with a sales funnel, ready to make them more money.

Limited space available!

What's included?

Great question! A complete sales funnel includes:

  • 3-5 web pages, designed to convert visitors into customers
  • Compelling copy for your email warm-up series, backed by science
  • Integration with a payment processor
  • Full integration from your website to your email provider, back to your website
  • An outline you can follow the next time you want to create a sales funnel

What would each piece cost separately?

  • Web designer to make appealing pages: $1000+
  • Copywriter to write the email warm-up series: $400+
  • Integrating the payment processor into your checkout form: $250 to a web developer

OR, you could get a subscription to some sales funnel software, which will cost you between $97 and $297 per month.

Instead, join us and create a sales funnel for your project with us, live!

The next group starts the first week of September.

Be one of the ten students in our next group!